The brand-new infrastructure enables the development of treatments and chemical products to provide customer-tailored solutions in the energy ecosystem of the Andean region.

Tocancipá, Colombia, July 26, 2022.- PECOM – a company that develops solutions and services for the energy and mining industries – launched a new laboratory on its Tocancipá (Cundinamarca) site to further deploy its chemical products in the Andean region.

“Our pioneering DNA drives us to grow, and this new laboratory is a clear reflection of our ambition to provide customer-tailored solutions, specifically in chemical products and treatments, and to broaden our portfolio in the Andean region”, pointed out Javier Gremes Cordero, CEO of PECOM. With an investment of USD 345,000, the brand-new laboratory has state-of-the-art equipment which enables these capabilities:

  • Jar Test: used to evaluate and select flocculant, clarifier, and inverse breaker products.
  • Sparge Beaker and LPR probes: the Sparge Beaker is used to evaluate corrosion rates under dynamic conditions with CO2 gas, in order to develop customized products particularly for corrosion inhibitors; this equipment is also complemented with the linear polarization probes (LPR).
  • Dynamic Scale Loop: used to develop scale inhibitor products by dynamically evaluating the inhibition performance, where pressure variations are recorded according to the time in a fluid stream flowing through a capillary.
  • Wax flow Loop: used to measure the efficiency and performance of paraffin wax inhibitors and friction reducers under dynamic flow conditions.
  • Pour Point Testing Bath: used to determine the pour point; a crucial factor in the selection of paraffin wax and asphaltene inhibitors.
  • Spectrophotometer: it enables monitoring of diverse chemical water treatments.
  • Multi-place cold finger: it enables to evaluate the deposition of organic elements by temperature decrease, which is necessary to evaluate performance and efficiency of paraffin wax inhibitors.

PECOM in Colombia

PECOM operates in Colombia since November 2018 when, through the purchase of Bolland SA shares, it acquired this company's business in the country. PECOM Energía de Colombia operates in the segment of chemical treatments for oil and gas industry, and artificial lift for oil wells.

We have a production plant and an R+D laboratory in Tocancipá (Cundinamarca) where we develop and produce chemicals for the oil and gas industry in Colombia. From this location we supply the different production basins in the country. We design and provide field services for the chemical treatment of oil and gas operations in Colombia. Our experience acquired in chemical treatments in Argentina – where we hold over 40% of the market – has crystallized in a customer-oriented service with an outstanding performance. This working method is now replicated in Colombia.

We also provide water treatment services for drilling activities through our demineralization plants.

In Colombia – where we hold over 70% of the market –, we commercialize the mechanical depth pumps that PECOM manufactures in its plant in Argentina.

The company is characterized by framing safety and quality as its first cornerstone; therefore, it has a management system certified under the ISO:9001, ISO:14001, and ISO:45001 standards, as well as a rating of 91 RUC points awarded by the Colombian Safety Council. These certifications ensure the reliability of PECOM as a partner that adds value to its customers in the oil and gas industry. 

Likewise, we have proprietary products in Colombia, enabling us to offer high value solutions that guarantee the quality of the products and services provided.

About PECOM 

PECOM is a company that develops solutions and services for the energy and mining industries, while exploring new markets and opportunities.

Founded more than 70 years ago in Argentina, PECOM is part of Grupo Perez Companc. Proactively, PECOM works with its clients to determine their needs and create value-added solutions.

In the oil and gas sector, we offer operation and maintenance solutions, engineering and construction, treatments and chemical products, artificial lift, well services, environmental services, as well as electrical and electromechanical solutions for oilfields and refineries.

We drive end-to-end operations. The ability to streamline and enhance the efficiency of production processes has an increasingly important role to play in a competitive environment. We develop this optimization process by combining our resources and expertise in this field along with the review of processes, integration of services, procurement methods and KPIs shared with the operating companies. 

Furthermore, we bring in technology as an integral part of the development of digitalized management and operation models based on data integration and intelligence. Our model is specifically tailored to each client and is customized according to their needs, plans and objectives.

In addition, we offer solutions for the laying of fiber optic networks, the supply and set up of transmission equipment and the assembly of radio base stations.

Moreover, we excel in the development of infrastructure for renewable and non-renewable generation of electric power, as well as its transmission and distribution, both for the regulated and non-regulated markets.

PECOM currently operates in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Uruguay. The company has a workforce of around 5,500 employees and in 2021 reached a turnover of USD 400 million.