• Uruguay

We arrived in Uruguay in 20210 driven by the enormous potential offered by the country and the important recognition PECOM has as a result of its experience and history there.

We aspire to become a value added option for our customers, providing integral solutions and accompanying the development of the oil, gas, electric power and telecommunications markets.

What do we offer?

Operations and special services

  • Integration and Management of Oilfield Services.
  • Development of business ecosystems, focused on the design and development of Digital Operating Models.
  • Operation and Maintenance of Oilfields, Refineries and their Facilities.
  • Chemical Products and Treatments (Product management control system and applications engineering).
  • Artificial Lift systems - Mechanical Pumping - PCP (progressive cavity pumping).
  • Well Services.
  • Environmental Services.

Engineering and Construction

  • Oil & Gas Upstream: Construction of plants and facilities in reservoirs, separation units, batteries, crude oil treatment plants, flow line and compressor plants.
  • Oil & Gas Midstream: Construction of large pipelines, tank farms (terminals), surface facilities, pumping and compression plants.
  • Oil & Gas Downstream: Plant revamping, refining and petrochemical plants.
  • Mining: On/off site infrastructure development in mining auxiliary facilities. Mining processing plants.
  • Electric Power: Infrastructure for (renewable and non-renewable energy) generation, transmission and distribution of high voltage electric power: generation and cogeneration plants, laying of high and extra-high voltage power lines up to 500 kV (overhead and underground) and power transformer stations up to 500 kV.