The energy services company from Perez Companc Group trains its staff to be internal promoters of its Integrity Program. The company also has a Code of Conduct and Business Ethics and an Ethics Line for anonymous reports.

Buenos Aires, 28 June, 2019. - PECOM, an Argentine company part of the Perez Companc Group with more than 70 years of presence in the country, which provides integrated solutions and innovative, sustainable and world-class services in various sectors of energy, has launched an Integrity Program for its staff.

With large participation from employees, the implementation of the PECOM Integrity Program took place at its offices in Buenos Aires, Comodoro Rivadavia and Neuquén. The program is led by the Internal Audit & Compliance Management.

The objective of the meetings was to reinforce the ethics and transparency culture in the company, to announce the elements included in the Integrity Program, and to inform on the content of the legal framework of compliance.

“We develop our activities based on business ethics. We are convinced this is the only way to achieve sustainability in the business. This initiative is conducted under such spirit”, noted Javier Gremes Cordero, PECOM CEO

As part of the Integrity Program and in accordance with the applicable legislation, the company provides information and training not only to members of the board and high management, but also to all members of the organization.

“Employee commitment is fundamental since it is vital that they be promoters of the Integrity Program, not only for their work teams, but also for the entire organization”, added Gremes Cordero.

This program extends to PECOM, their subsidiary or affiliated companies, or every other form of partnership, including uniones transitorias de empresas (UTE – similar to a joint venture),in which PECOM has direct or indirect participation, in every relationship with customers, providers, subcontractors, partners, and every other organization (including autarkic or decentralized entities), public officers, whatever their status, belonging to national, provincial or municipal state, or foreign states, and/or legal entities in which the State has majority stake.

Code of Conduct and Ethics Line

All PECOM employees and providers adhere to the principles of the Code of Conduct and Business Ethics of the company. In addition, they have access to an Ethics Line to report violations to the Code.

The Code of Conduct and Business Ethics sets the working parameters for every PECOM employee, whatever their location or position. Likewise, the Ethics Line is operated by an external provider to guarantee transparency and confidentiality for the complainant.