PECOM has begun providing services, for the company 3R Petroleum , in the 14 fields comprising Polo Recôncavo, located in the State of Bahía. PECOM already has a contract with 3R for the 7 fields of Polo Macau of Río Grande do Norte and the 8 fields of Polo Rio Ventura.

PECOM informs that on May 11, 2022, it began to provide Operation and Maintenance services in the 14 onshore fields of 3 R Petroleum comprising Polo Recôncavo:  Aratu, Ilha de Bimbarra, Mapele, Massuí, Candeias, Cexis, Socorro, Dom João, Dom João Mar, Pariri, Socorro Extensão, São Domingos, Cambacica and Guanambi,  in the State of Bahia.

The average production of Recôncavo in 2020 was of approximately 2.146 barrels of oil per day (bbl/d) and 468,000 m³ of gas per day. Polo Recôncavo includes Candeias, the oldest field in Brazil which started the history of exploration and production of oil in said country in 1941.

This constitutes the third operation by Pecom in Brazil adding to the operations of Polo Macau in the State of Rio Grande do Norte and Polo Río Ventura in the State of Bahía.

“We are very happy and proud to continue growing in Brazil. Our technical knowledge on Operation and Maintenance of oil fields in mature basins is an added value highlighted by our customers. Furthermore, adding Polo Recôncavo allows us to obtain great synergies with Polo Rio Ventura, which we also operate and maintain for the benefit of our customer. We expect that, just like we have been doing in Polo Macau and in Polo Rio Ventura, our experience will enable us to help our customer 3R to reach its production goals for this field”, stated Javier Gremes Cordero, PECOM CEO.

PECOM in Brazil

The presence of PECOM in Brazil extends, besides the Operation and Maintenance services, to the commercialization of oil well pumps for oil production, where we are highly recognized in the market for the quality of our products and the excellence of our services.

Additionally, we are beginning to perform Chemical Treatments for Oil & Gas in Brazil supported by the vast experience the company has in Argentina and Colombia, with products developed by our Research and Development Department tailored to the specific needs of each region where we operate.


PECOM is a Service, Construction and Product Company focused on Energy (Gas, Oil and Electric Energy) and Mining sectors, constantly exploring new markets and opportunities.

It was founded over 70 years ago in Argentina and is part of the Perez Companc Group.

In the Oil & Gas sector, we offer solutions for operation and maintenance, engineering and construction, treatments and chemicals, Artificial Lift, Well Services, environmental services and electric and electromechanical solutions for oil fields and refineries.

We promote integral operations. The capacity to make efficient and increase productivity of  productive processes is becoming increasingly more important in the competitive environment. We develop the optimization process combining our resources and know-how in the matter together with process revision, services integration, types of contracting and KPIs shared with the operating companies.

Additionally, we incorporate technology as an integral part of the development of management and operation digitalized models based on data integration and intelligence. Our model is designed specifically for each customer and is developed according to their needs, plans and objectives.

We also offer solutions for the laying of fiber optics networks, provision and installation of transmission equipment and base radio station assembly.

In addition, we stand out for our development of infrastructure for the renewable and non renewable generation, transport and distribution of electric energy, both for the regulated and non-regulated market.

PECOM is present in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia Peru and Uruguay. It has nearly 5,500 collaborators and generated a turnover of 400 million USD in 2021.


3R Petroleum is a Brazilian publicly traded company that produces oil & gas onshore and offshore. 3R rethinks, redevelops and revitalizes mature and producing fields.

With a portfolio of nine assets in five states of Brazil, the Company has 514.8 million barrels of oil equivalent in certified reserves classified as 2P (proved and probable), of which 73% are classified as probable (1P).