PECOM, through its subsidiary Bolland, has signed an exclusive cooperation agreement for Argentina with PCM, a French company specializing in Progressive Cavity Pump Systems (PCPS) for the extraction of hydrocarbons.

Buenos Aires, 17 July, 2019.- Through this alliance, PECOM expands its Artificial Lift System offering and proposes a cutting-edge global solution of local operational and technological requirements: “We are very excited with the agreement since it reinforces our position as a reference in Artificial Lift in the country. Providing cutting-edge services is our priority and this initiative is a clear example of it”, stated Javier Gremes Cordero, PECOM CEO.

PECOM is an Argentine company part of the Perez Companc Group, with over 70 years of presence in the country, providing integral solutions and innovative, sustainable and world-class services in an array of energy sectors. In the Oil & Gas sector, it is the largest national company providing operation and maintenance services, works, treatments and chemicals, Artificial Lift, Well Testing & Slick Line, and environmental services. In addition, it holds a prominent role in services and works in the electric energy and telecommunications sectors.

“In Artificial Lift, we seek to optimize oil field production through our wide range of products and services. We cover the entire value chain based on engineering and development of products, manufacturing, application engineering, commercialization and operational service. Now, we have added PCP technology, which enables us to further our leadership”, added Gremes Cordero.

About PECOM and PCM

PECOM is a company with more than 6000 employees and an annual turnover of approximately USD 535 million (2018). Besides PCP technology, the company offers the following associated systems and services in Artificial Lift: Mechanical Pumps and Pumping Rods; Bottom hole Accessories; Plunger Lift; Variable Speed drives and Well Controllers; Bottom hole and Surface Pressure and Temperature Wireless Sensors; and Digital Oil Field (DOF).

PCM was founded in 1932 by René Moineau, the inventor of Progressive Cavity Pump. PCM is today one of the world’s leading manufacturers of positive displacement pumps and fluid-handling equipment. Present around the world, PCM provides solutions to three main sectors: Oil & Gas, Food and Industry.

PCM has more than 85 years experience in designing, manufacturing and servicing pumps with an innovative development of elastomer. It works in more than 35 countries with more than 20 branches and subsidiaries around the world; PCM is an integral company with complete control of its PCP solutions, including R&D for the development of new products. PCM’s Pumps and Artificial Lift systems are available for a wide range of operational and processes challenges both onshore and offshore.