Flotation Equipment

Hydraulic Flotation Unit (IGF).
YPF, Grimbeek II Plant.
Hydraulic Flotation Unit (IGF).
Margarita Plant Repsol, Bolivia.


Our Induced Gas Flotation system (IGF) is the most efficient method used in the second stage of a formation water treatment process, where hydrocarbons and suspended solids are separated with up to 95% efficiency.


The method consists in inducing gas bubbles in the water stream.  Specific chemicals previously added to the water stream form flocks in the flotation unit with the contaminants which adhere to the gas bubbles and emerge/ float  to the surface where they are removed by means of a mechanical sweeping system.


The unit contains four adjustable cells in series which maximize the contact between water and gas, and a level control loop at the exit which optimizes the operation of the flotation unit.


Our line of equipment includes:


  • Mechanical Units
  • Hydraulic Units


In the mechanical units, agitators generate vortexes that induce the gas to descend through the aspiration pipe, forcing contact with the water stream and hence producing gas dispersion.


In the Hydraulic units, a recirculation pump injects pressurized water into the cells through especially designed adjustable nozzles that induce gas bubble dispersion by Venturi Effect.