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Integral Solutions to Operational Problems

The current trend in the chemical products and services market for the oil and gas industry is moving towards providing integral solutions to operational problems.


Bolland, through its brand PQB® (Productos Químicos Bolland), is a pioneer in Argentina in this type of services. With its operational bases close to all the oil and gas production areas in the country, it offers Integral Solutions that include not only sales of chemicals and highly competitive, cost-effective delivery/ dosing equipment, but also application, follow-up, monitoring and optimization services for the different treatments.


The service philosophy adopted by the company made PQB® the leader in Argentina in chemical treatments for the production of oil, gas and water for secondary recovery.


This philosophy enables PQB® to offer its clients different ways of working such as: fixed costs per operation, costs per cubic meter (or barrel)  of treated fluid, operations with shared risk or any other way that meets their requirements.


Providing  technological support to their corrosion monitoring service, Bolland represents Rohrback Cosasco Systems, world leader in corrosion monitoring.


All these distinctive features have led to a sustained growth, with the subsequent development of new operations, products and services.


PQB® develops and commercializes, as part of its integrated treatment service, different formulation lines aimed at treating produced fluids (oil, gas and water) through high-performance solutions that meet the needs of each client and oil field.


Our products are:


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