Occupational Safety and Health

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In its integrated Management Policy, Bolland defines Occupational Safety and Health as a fundamental part of its performance. The aim is to contribute to Health and Safety preservation of its staff, clients, suppliers and the community where its activities are developed.


It undertakes to:


  • Develop its activities in order to prevent any damage they could cause to the staff’s health and to protect them against risks that may arise due to working conditions.
  • Analyze the operations on a permanent basis, to identify variables that may affect quality, safe working conditions and the environment, setting and reviewing objectives and goals to achieve its continuous improvement.
  • Train staff with the certainty that safety, environmental protection and quality are the result of a joint action of all members of the organization.
  • Comply with applicable legal requirements and all regulations that the organization endorses.


Bolland is a member of the Argentine Safety Institute (I.A.S.) and the Iberian-American Foundation for Occupational Safety and Health (F.I.S.O.). This allows Bolland to have the most skillful multidisciplinary team, which is a real support to complement the Risk Prevention Activities of the Company.

I.A.S.  was founded in 1940 and it is the first institution of its kind in the Argentine Republic and one of the first at international  level, with specific dedication to prevention of accidents and illnesses at work, in any kind of activity where a human being is involved.


F.I.S.O was created in 2000, and it is oriented to the development of activities such as research, training and follow-up of occupational health and professional risk systems, to achieve a thorough improvement of working conditions for Latin American and Iberian Peninsula workers.


 Some of the actions taken involving workers and/or their family group

  • Distribution of Health Prevention and Promotion Manual (Topics: Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension, Smoking; Excess of Cholesterol, Sedentary lifestyle)
  • Discussion about Healthy Food, Postural Education, Physical Activity
  • First Aids Training
  • “Taking care of oneself is not a Children’s matter” drawing competition 
  • “Let’s take care of our Hands” campaign


Banners of “Let’s take care of our Hands” Campaign

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