Code of Conduct and Ethics

The Code of Conduct and Ethics of Bolland y Cía. S.A. is a new breakthrough of our Company that will contribute to achieving the highest level of excellence in all the fields where we work.


Formalizing the Code of Conduct and Ethics means having a tool that guides our behavior towards an upright conduct and ethical principles, which are an essential part of our Company culture.


This Code has been customized to Bolland’s requirements taking into account criteria and concepts in force in the industry, so that it meets the best practices and is totally consistent with our Company culture.


The Code presumes that the people who work for Bolland y Cía. S.A. meet the demands that arise from common sense and the natural basic rules inherent to people’s conduct and ethics, which is required, so it just explains those requirements that are more specific to the business activity.


All the people who make up Bolland y Cía. S.A. must know and respect this Code when taking each and every decision and action in our field of competence, showing a respectful and irreproachable conduct with all those who make up Bolland y Cía. S.A., with our clients and with our suppliers and, in general, with all the people we interact with while doing our work.


We must also prioritize our Company’s genuine interests above any other motivation or interest we may have as individuals or which may favor third parties.


I request that all our Company associates undertake to irrevocably respect, and make respect, scrupulously and comprehensively, our Code of Conduct and Ethics, since it represents an essential requirement for our work duties.


Download Code of Condict and Ethics PDF format.